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La Bulle Sonore @ 11:22

28 Juin 2024

Ptit FAT

Rude Paradis

Ptit FAT with TRUE LOVES @ 6PAR4

15 Novembre 2024

La bulle Sonore

Welcome to the website of Mathieu Maurice, also known as Ptit Fat 

I have been a musician, composer, and DJ. I have also been working in entertainment for Twenty years. As a keen fan of vinyl with a refined knowledge of music, I have collected 33 and 45 rpm vinyls from all over the world. 

For more than 20 years, I’ve been playing almost everywhere in the Grand Ouest Of France and on some international stages at institutional events (music and cinema festivals, inaugurations, etc…), in nightclubs and in some cultural events (bars, concert halls, exhibition galleries, parks and V.I.P. sections, etc…).Thanks to my experience in playing different kinds of music styles (jazz, hip-hop, rock, soul/funk, world music, etc...) I provide a wide-ranging musical selection. At the same time, I’ve also been developing my own acoustic universe for 14 years. My compositions, which I think of as ‘musical fables’, are made by mixing acoustic and electronic sounds to engage the listener’s imagination. My many encounters with other musicians helped my projects grow, starting from rock composition to the creation of an electronic collective, through video and to electro hip-hop. These continue to feed my artistic inspirations.

Since then, I have also created some music concepts such as “Ptit Fat and Friends”, “DJ Broc’”, “Rivoli” and the radio programme “La Marmite”. I’m a dynamic person who loves to experiment with different spaces and projects. I’m always looking for original and zany ideas and take pleasure in delighting the ears of those who come to listen to me.

Enjoy your visit!