Les murs ont des oreilles


« Les murs ont des oreilles »

During the “Habiter là” days, from the 13th to the 27th of April 2013, and for the 15 days of public awareness for the architecture and sustainable urbanism in the countryside, the “2.4collective hands over the habitants of Pré-en-Pail in Mayenne. Starting from hours of accounts, collected by Oliver Hédin (Cie Oh!), Mathieu Maurice proposes an interpretation full of humor and affection through eight sound creations. Dressed and set up, the habitant’s words, sometimes fun sometimes cruel, tell us about their feelings, their way of living and the way they look at their living place. During these 15 days some listening points were set up in the “2.4” collective place and they make people able to listen to the different views of the territory