La Marmite

Émission de radio musico-culinaire
La Marmite

La Marmite is the concept of a radio broadcast developed five years ago thanks to Mathieu Maurice (Ptit Fat), musician, DJ and composer. Music and cooking, the broadcast propose an eclectic and specialized selection of vinyls by Ptit Fat, the recipe, prepared by the chef Jean-François Houdayer (alias Chef Houdman), comes with the wine taste, chosen by the cellar man Gilles Lhotellier (known as Gillou) from the “Jaja Divin” wine cellar in Laval. The team included Edgar Lebon, broadcast’s butler, Guillaume Guerrier (alias Yom), web and press attaché and Mathieu Trouvé (known as Gammath), sound and technical manager. This is available in live broadcast on the associative radio «L'Autre Radio» website and it can be also retransmit on a local radio. The broadcast concept is in undergoing progress: it starts to be recorded in Ptit Fat’s living room, then, in 2012 in some friend’s living room, till 2013 reaching new places (concert hall “LE 6PAR4” / “Jaja Divin” wine cellar / “LE GARAGE “exhibition gallery).
Meanwhile La Marmite invites itself in your place to broadcast in your living room. A user-friendly moment where to combine “the pleasure of the mouth with the ear’s one”.

Enjoy your meal!

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La Marmite - Chef Houdman - 6PAR4 - ANTHONY ROBERT
La Marmite - L'Autre Radio
La Marmite - Gamatth - 6PAR4 - ANTHONY ROBERT

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